Exciting finale

Source: Stadtwerke München

“Frustration in Munich” – this seems to be a foreign word after the victory of FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final against Borussia Dortmund. But it wasn’t when the equalizer fell on Saturday with a penalty kick. Immediately after the whistle in the 67th minute, shortly after 22 o’clock, the toilet flush went 5000 times in Munich. “Frustration in Munich” is what the Stadtwerke München call this reaction. The municipal utility has published the statistics on the water consumption of Munich residents during the game on Facebook. It seems that there is a contrary relationship between tension and toilet use.

Whenever Arjen Robben appeared alone in front of Weidenfeller, water consumption in Munich came to a standstill. As a reminder, this was the case three times in the first half alone. It was not until the break that the pressure in the pipeline increased. 5000 litres per second were rushing through the pipes. In addition, the water consumption increased significantly after each gate. The lowest consumption was in the final phase, when of all times Robben decided the final for Bayern Munich with his last-minute 2:1 goal. But after that there was no stopping.

“Anyone who lets the washing machine run alongside screws up the statistics,” writes a user on Facebook. This hits the nail on the head, because even the municipal utilities cannot determine exactly what the water was used for, as a press spokesman explains. But who washes their dishes or pours flowers when the game of the year is on?

By Matthias Pöls – Hannoversche Allgemeine

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