We are curious and open for new structures and approaches to solutions.

Networks and holistic thinking have been shaping not only the challenges in our society in general, but also the construction industry for some years now. We are curious and open for new structures and approaches in all areas.


Civil engineering

Traffic facilities
Planning of roads with classifications
Inner-city streets
Development plans
Outside facilities
Parking and rest areas
Bus stations
and bus turning systems
Loading ramps, transhipment points

Urban water management
General drainage planning
Development and redevelopment planning
Wastewater and rainwater treatment
Water supply
Open and closed sewer renovations
Heavy rain hazard maps

Construction supervision
On-site construction supervision
Object supervision and documentation
Accounting and cost control
Safety and Health Coordination (SiGeKo)

Acoustic examinations
Road traffic and rail noise
Sound emission plans
Sound prognosis
and assessment

Infrastructure measures
Supply and disposal lines for major industrial projects
Supply of empty conduits and broadband

Hydraulic engineering
Flood protection
Hydraulic calculations
Waterway construction

Waterway construction
Landfill planning
Identification and clean-up of contaminated sites
Development plans for bodies of water

Urban land-use planning
Zoning plans
Development concepts

Engineering structures
Building inspection
Slope stabilisers

Expert opinions
Preservation of evidence
Road safety audits

Object planning

Object planning
Noise protection structures
Retaining structures

Building physics
Thermal insulation
Structural fire protection

Structural inspection
Metal and solid construction
Dr.-Ing. Frank Breinlinger

Structural engineering
Building construction projects
Engineering structures

Redevelopment planning
Concrete repair
Structural reinforcement
Damage analysis

Building inspection and building supervision
Simple inspection and main inspection according to DIN 1076