Progress on the suspension bridge in the Fürstlichen Park Inzigkofen

The assembly and tensioning work by the Swiss company Crestageo on the suspension bridge in the Fürstlichen Park is in full swing.

On 22.02.2019 lectures about the construction and the technical challenges of the rope bridge took place in the town hall of Inzigkofen. Among the speakers were Saskia Käpplein and Frank Breinlinger. Using a clothesline, they explained the physics of a suspension bridge: When the laundry is evenly distributed, it can withstand the load well; when the load is distributed at certain points, it buckles.
In addition to the Breinlinger engineering office, Mr. Baselgia, Senior Manager of the executing company Crestageo and Mr. Kayser, landscape architect of Planstatt Senner also gave lectures.

The bridge was officially opened on 15 March 2019 in the presence of Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann and accompanied by a marching band.

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