Re-opening Sülchenkirche Rottenburg

On 04.11.2017 the Sülchenkirche on the eastern outskirts of Rottenburg am Neckar was reopened. The church was built around 1450 and has now been completely renovated. In this course also the episcopal burial place was renewed and extended.

During the excavations under the existing chapel the foundation walls of the previous 9th century church were found. The architects Cukrowicz Nachbaur integrated these structural elements into the interior design. The walls, ceiling and floors were made of rammed earth with the floor from Rottenburg/Sülchen.

The heart of the burial site with 28 burial chambers consists of an altar made of local travertine. From earth to earth was the design idea.

Our service: Structural Design Phases 1 – 6

Further information on the project can be found here

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