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In everyday life we rarely think about how we spend our time doing what we do. And in the evening we wonder what we actually did all day. Studies have now broken it down.

A person lives an average of 80 years. The magazine “P.M. Fragen & Antworten” (P.M. Questions & Answers) has selected the things which the person does during this life based on various statistics.

The fact that work does not dominate our lifetime to the extent we sometimes think is due to the fact that an eight-hour job is mathematically followed by 16 hours without work. And that we don’t spend our whole lives on the job.

Here is how we spend our lifetime in Germany:

  • we sleep for about 24 years and 4 months
  • we sit in front of the TV for 12 years
  • we also talk for 12 years, of which 2 years and 10 months it will be gossip and jokes
  • we work for 8 years
  • 5 years are devoted to food; 2 years and 2 months meals are cooked and bread is smeared
  • we spend 2 years and 6 months in the car
  • 1 year and 10 months for school and further education
  • 1 year and 7 months for sports
  • a full 16 months of cleaning
  • 12 months we go to the cinema, theatre or concerts
  • 9 months of washing and ironing
  • 9 months we play with our own children
  • 6 months we sit on the toilet
  • 4 months we play on the computer
  • 3 months we spend at club meetings
  • and just as much time in bars or at the doctor’s

According to “P.M.” we pay the least attention to God in the course of our lives – we pray for just two weeks.



Flowingdata points out that these are average values for a full-time US(!) employee who retires at the age of about 65. The data of the American Bureau of Labor Statistics assume a life expectancy of 78.8 years. Part-time employees or mothers are expected to have different values.



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