Hilfsfonds Burkina Faso e.V.

After a visit to Burkina Faso in 1999, the Hilfsfonds Burkina Faso e.V. was founded with the directors Helmut Frölich, Helmut Martin and Frank Breinlinger as well as the secretary Passam Tiendrebeogo from Burkino Faso. For twelve years our office, together with the board of directors and the members of the association, has built up an annual mango sale which currently buys more than 150,000 mangoes from April to May in Burkina Faso and sells them back in our region. With the proceeds and through donations, nine primary schools and a vocational school with about 400 places each have been built since the foundation of the association. The construction of a school for visually impaired and blind children began in 2016. In this way, double life chances were created: for the farmers who can sell their harvest and for the children through newly built schools. Children who without education would have no chance of finding their way out of poverty.

Three things have been created through the Hilfsfonds Burkina Faso:

  • Mango purchases in Burkina Faso with life chances for the farmers.
  • New life chances for more than 3,000 children through built schools.
  • 150,000 healthy and tasty mangoes a year for us.

Passam Tiendrebeogo and Stefan Schuster have headed the association since 2012.

Direct help for Burkina Faso