Smile please

Emotions Training – 20 push-ups every morning

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Nowadays people are very enthusiastic about fitness. They spend a lot of their free time in the gym or doing sports to keep their bodies healthy. They don’t do as much for their emotions; they still get angry and depressed too quickly.

That’s why I have developed a very simple training program to develop healthy emotions, which I also teach. I call it „20 push ups every morning“.

After going to the toilet in the morning and brushing your teeth, stand on the soft mat in front of the bathroom mirror, your feet shoulder-width apart. Take three or four deep breaths to relax. Then lift your arms and bend them so that your hands are at the level of your face. Place your forefingers left and right against the corners of your mouth. Then look in the mirror and push up the corners of your mouth.

One! Let your mouth slide back into its normal scowl and then push up the corners of your mouth again.

Two! Repeat this exercise twenty times. And not one time less.

In this way, not only do you have to laugh at yourself every morning, but at the same time you train your muscles and the corners of your mouth so intensively that you can laugh about life more easily in the long run and maintain a smile much longer.

All it takes is a little practice.

Source: Ajahn Brahm; Don’t Worry, Be Grumpy; Inspiring Stories for Making the Most of Each Moment